EPS Sandwich Panel Machine Line
product descriptions :
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Work Flow
  • Our sandwich panel machine line is the special equipment for the productions of new building materials—matallic sandwich board, The product line is to compound metal materials with high strength onto single/double –surface outer layers of comparatively thick and light inner core materials.

  • Sandwich panels is the ideal materials of multifunctional new building and decoration. It has many superior performances such as heat preservation, light weight, water proof, decorative and load bearing. It can be used in public buildings such sa industrial workshops. Large warehouse, Roof with great span and simply built houses and also for the decoration of various cold storage, clean room and airport conditioning room, etc.

Main technical specifications:

This machine line consists of feeding system, roll forming machine, laminating system, heating system, PLC control system, cutting system.finished products support table

Machine Size :

35000 *3500*3300(length*width*height)

Cintrol system:

PLC system

Total power:


Suitable working temperature:

about 25℃

Suitable matersils:


Total weight

About 25 tons

Total power

About 35kw( as per fininal design)

Air pressure

0.7Mpa( buyer supply)

EPS panel specificaitons:


Min: 50mm, max : 300mm


950mm/1150mm or as per profiles


From 8kgs/cbm—25kgs/cbm

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